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The Northeast Circuit is a highly competitive travel circuit for grades 4-8 consisting of 4 sessions taking place late-march thru early May.  Our value proposition is to have the regions top teams competing at the highest level in a positive environment with an emphasis on everyone getting better and doing so in the  top facilities the Norheast  has to offer.  Our format prepares middle school student athletes for the format they will compete in at the elite levels in high school. The Northeast Circuit eliminates the need to miss school and helps families/programs save money by reducing travel expenses. Finalist of the Northeast in each grade level will compete in a 5th session “Finals Finals” against the finalist of our other circuits.  We only take 16 teams per grade!  All teams will attend sessions 1 and 4, and teams must choose either session 2 or 3.  For the Northeast Circuit, teams will attend 3 sessions and can advance to Session 5 if they qualify.  A format that brings the best in each region, and nationally together.

CLICK HERE to apply for the 2019 Northeast Circuit


*Session I:  March 23rd & 24th Atlantic, NJ – Hotel Information Coming Soon

*Session II:  April 6th & 7th Atlantic City NJ – Hotel Information Coming Soon

*Session III:  April 20th-21st ,  Atlantic City, NJ – Hotel Information Coming Soon

*Session IV:  May 11th-12th Atlantic City, NJ – Hotel Information Coming Soon

*All teams must attend Sessions I and IV.   Teams will choose Session II April 6-7 OR Session III April 20-21.  Once chosen, that session then becomes mandatory.  In all, teams are required to attend 3 sessions.