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ABOUT Session 5, ‘The Finals of the Finals’

Teams will participate in the circuit that covers the region they are based out of.  Each circuit will consist of multiple league play sessions and a final session to crown a champion of each circuit.  Teams finishing in the top 4 of their respective circuit will advance to session 5, AT NO COST, to compete against the final 4 teams from all other circuits.  Our format has teams compete against all of the top teams regionally while saving families/programs travel expenses and avoids student athletes missing school.  Session 5 then brings all of the top teams together to crown a Champion of Champions.  While we are running the Championship bracket we will also hold a Classic bracket for teams not making the final 4 in their region.

2019 Session 5, ‘The Finals of the Finals’ Date and Location:

May 18th-19th, 2019

Kentucky Basketball Commission

273 Ruccio Way

Lexington, Ky 40503

2019 Session 5, ‘The Finals of the Finals’ Price:

Championship Bracket:  $0  (4 teams per region invited)

Classic Bracket: $150 (teams finishing 5th and lower in their region)