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The Hoops Circuit Combine Series will host a high level one day combine.  The focus of each combine is about getting better! High level skill work, advanced stations of movement to live action, and an afternoon of game play to implement the tools learned. Teams will be made up of kids from across the region that compete against each other during the basketball season.  NBA combine testing will be conducted and you will be entered in a database to compare your results with your peers on a national basis and to track your athletic progression from your prior testing. This is open to all basketball players ready to put in real work whether you played in our circuit or not. This isn’t a showcase or a mixtape, its a day of REAL basketball! #realwork #itsjustdifferent #theplayersbrand

Circuit participant in 2019:  $100.    Non Circuit participant in 2019: $125

2023 Top 64, October 12th, Indianapolis, IN

2024-2028, October 13th, Indianapolis, IN